Who I Am…

I will assume that those reading this blog from the beginning already know me and likely found this because I shared it on social media and on my previous blog, but I’m sure at some point someone not connected to my life directly will stumble upon this blog and curiosity will take over and they will begin to read. This is mostly for them.

First things first. I am a Christ follower. I don’t like the word Christian and will without a doubt dedicate at least one blog post about this soon. But it’s important to know this because it is the purpose of this blog. “Christians” are getting a bad reputation these days and I think many things need to be clarified. I’m not here to change minds, but I do feel many things in the Christian community need to be address and reevaluated. My hope is that when I write about social issues, hot topics, current events, politics, religion, and my life, I will do so from a Godly perspective with wisdom and truth.

I am a sinner saved by grace. I am not perfect or without flaws. But I try my best to follow Christ. When I lived in North Carolina I went to an amazing church where the pastor would say, “We are NOT sinless, but we are in the process of sinning less and less.” He used to also say, “We a baptists with a little ‘b’ and Christians with a capital ‘C’” because the emphasis should not be on denominations, but on the character and truth of Christ. Just because there will be references to God and religion doesn’t mean that I won’t get it wrong at times. Thankfully I do have grace and forgiveness. I welcome open discussions that offer different points of view, and please by all means, if I get some Facts wrong, point them out. But be respectful so I can be receptive to the correction.

I am the mother of two unbelievably amazing children! I’m sure I will discuss them as well, but I really try to keep them protected from the social media world in general (except on my facebook page where I get to select who can see everything). I have often been asked to include them when I have interviews, but never found it appropriate. While there are private pictures of them out there it was not me who shared them but another family member. They are young children and don’t need public exposure, no matter how minimal it is (though I realize just by the nature of me being so open about my life there will be some things out of my control, which is why I attempt to keep it to a minimum).

I am a widow. I became a widow in 2010 when my Marine husband died. That was when I started my first blog. It was my way of healing and dealing with the loss and pain left behind from his death. I was 27 when he left this world. He was 2 months shy of being 26. While the details of his death are very public, I don’t feel this is the time or place to go into them. Google my name and you’ll get about 35,000 hits; Google his name and it’s about 66,000. That’s nothing compared to some widows I’m friends with, but it’s more than enough to find about that aspect of my life for those inquiring minds.

Thank you for taking time to join me on this journey.




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