A Piece of the Puzzle

A single piece of a puzzle can be misleading in assessing what the whole picture looks like. Have you ever looked at a zoomed in picture that only shows a small portion of an object? You may think it’s one thing until you zoom out and realize it’s something entirely different.

Sometimes having several pieces of a puzzle can cause a greater challenge than having only one. It’s easier to recognize that something is missing when we have limited knowledge, but as soon as we are given enough information to see part of the picture we are often convinced we know it all. We believe we have enough information to move forward instead of waiting to see what else presents itself.

This can be dangerous. It can also be disappointing. When we accept part of the whole we are still operating with limited information, yet we behave confidentiality as if we have everything we need. Eventually we miss the mark. Perhaps nothing tragic or “bad” comes from it, but what if we fail to see something greater than we could have ever imagined? We miss out on the blessings we could have enjoyed.

This is true in life, and in regards to knowing and understanding God. We limit our full potential when we stop trying to know God. When we get to a point that feels comfortable with our relationship with Him we stop growing and stop seeing what else is going on around us. But the more we seek Him, and study His word more of the picture is revealed to us. Sometimes that view is beautiful. Sometimes that view offers clarity, closure, or understanding in a difficult situation. We see the bigger picture and understand how it all fits together. We gain deeper joy and greater peace when we seek to know God better.


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