Last Friday night… it starts off sounding like a Katy Perry song, but is nothing like that at all.

Last Friday night when my son’s friend was picked up by his Mom, I went outside to say hello to her, but when I opened the door to go in, The Girl kitten (aka Coco) ran right out.

She has every desire to be an out door cat, and I have every desire to keep her inside. This time she won that battle.

I went inside to get ready to take my son to his last hockey practice of the season figuring that I’d give her a few minutes of freedom before recapturing her. since the furthest she has wandered was next door. And by next door I mean, my neighbors brought her home when they found her in their kitchen last week after they had left their garage door opened.

Well, this time the dog from our other next door neighbors’ saw her and started barking, naturally scaring The Girl up one of our Pine trees.

I then got the bright idea to climb the tree to get her since my son was unintentionally chasing her further up the tree. The thing is, I’m not-so-young and not-so-fit-anymore, and as I climbed, a few branches started to break.

It wasn’t pretty, people, but now I can laugh and say it was funny and I wish it was on video for all to laugh at. My kids kept trying to give me tips on how to get down, but what they didn’t realize was that one leg was down, while the other leg was up and over a branch that I could not break.

My Mother asked if I wanted her to call the Fire Department. They won’t come for cats, but maybe for single woman who clearly wasn’t using her brain? I declined the offer of humiliation, but it took me a while to get myself out of that position and down the tree with the realization that I could not attempt that again.

My 7 year old then made a joke that, “this is a Cat-astrophe.” I laughed. She’s very witty and very cleaver. It soon felt like a catastrophe waiting to happen because it got colder and darker and became apparent that The Girl would not be coming down on her own. My son made several attempts to get her down, but I told him she was too high for him to climb at 60 ft.  and to come down (he did make it up there against my wishes, but just couldn’t get her).

The Girl cried most of the night and I checked on her multiple times, trying to coax her down. We called someone and were told that they’d be out first thing in the morning. I feared the below freezing temperatures, but thankfully she made it. It cost $200 to get her down, but it was money well spent.

The kitten has not been the same since. The vet has told me to give her a few more days, so I will, but she is clearly suffering from some PTSD. Even The Boy kitten who normally attacks her/ plays with her very aggressively has backed off. He also doesn’t chase her away from the food dishes anymore, and actually waits for her to eat before he does.

Hopefully she just needs a few more days because she was our playful kitty who never sat still, and now she mostly lays around and will often just stare off into space. The bad thing is she still wants to be an outdoor cat. Sigh.


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